Can I get a Race Spec Tune if I already have a tune?

That largely depends on what/who/how your car was previously tuned.

There are a range of reasons to bring your already tuned RS to Race Spec Tuning.

  • You may just want to improve performance by having a tune customised on the dyno to suit exactly your car
  • Perhaps you’ve added some more upgrades and want a retune to take advantage of extra power available
  • Maybe there are problems with the current tune e.g. Coolant temp safety maps removed, Error codes, etc

If you’re not sure if you need a retune why not just book a power run on the dyno and compare your results to see if there’s more in the car with a better tune.

Good news is in most cases we can retune any Renault Sport, but there are some proviso Get in touch to discuss your options